I don’t know if you are also following my personal blog, but if you haven’t, this pretty much explains everything.

In a way, I am inactive, and in a way, I am active. I’m sorta taking a break from blogging in general for a major project that I’m currently working on a major (paid) project. It involves three things that I write about in here: desktop publishing, web design/development, and art. 😍 The desktop publishing portion is pretty much completed. 1 I’m now currently working on the web design/development portion 2 and the art portion.

Although today is the second day of my “weekend,” I also do plan on having my work schedule changed so I wouldn’t have to lose my allocated UPT hours 3 when I request for a day off. 4 I would at least still work on Saturday, but I want to request Sunday off. I don’t want to miss out on family days and I also miss attending church. I don’t want to just be stuck on my phone and Kindle just to read Bible readings for that particular Sunday. 5 When the time comes, (hopefully like… Wednesday this week) I’ll be able to change schedules, effective September.

This is a short entry, I just wanted to squeeze in some time to write this. Who knows when I get back into full swing again with the stuff that I need to do for this site. 6 But I’ll still keep in touch. 😅

On the sidenote…

  1. wedding invitations, RSVP cards, address labels, etc., unless if there’s some last-minute projects added there…
  2. Wedding website.
  3. unpaid time hours
  4. It’s a disadvantage of working part-time at Amazon. Unless if you fall ill, your requested vacation days are unpaid.
  5. Thank you Catholic Church for creating the mobile apps.
  6. such as the tutorials, etc.