It’s been a long time since I blogged here. Two months? I should be using this blog as my progress journal of my #100DaysOfCode and my #21DayCKChallenge activities, as well as my progress on my code studying and building activities with my personal side projects. I’ve also done a lot of minimizing some side projects ala KonMari style so I don’t clutter myself with my already cluttered life. Decluttering is one of my main resolutions for 2019, and even though I’ve done some of that with my clothes and in my newly-transferred bedroom, I still haven’t done that with everything else in life.

But, throughout February and March, I did a bit of decluttering of my side project websites, starting with this blog and my newly-renovated Adri Mars INK fiction blog.

The NINPOJineous & Adri Mars INK

If you haven’t noticed yet, I removed my zen art gallery from this blog and moved it to Adri Mars INK.

When I first built this blog, I wanted to combine everything that is both traditionally and digitally handmade with my signature on it, so to speak. What I meant was that I wanted to write about the things I’ve built with a computer and tools (software and apps), such as coding a website and creating both traditional and digital art and have its own gallery. I considered myself both a web dev and an artist, just someone who creates. Web development and art can (sometimes) coincide with one another, which was why I decided to make this blog focus on both.

But, sometime along the run, this blog became more focused towards coding and web development than with art that it’s become unbalanced. That’s why I decided to move my old zen art gallery to my former fiction and fanfiction blog, Adri Mars INK. I completely converted Adri Mars INK into a fiction review and (zen) art blog, revamped the entire theme to fit the new focus, and just the look of the front page just looked calming and simple.

I wanted to transform The NINPOJineous into a real tech blog, but then I remembered that I was briefly featured by Progate Twitter last year that my tech blog looked like it’s aimed towards young girls (which is one of my aims anyway) that I decided to keep the current theme. I’ll eventually change it a bit but the concept will remain the same.

I’ll still continue putting up some tutorials when I can, but I’m prioritizing my coding studies and side projects at the moment.

#100DaysOfCode Updates

I took a break from App Academy Open and focused back to Progate for their Ruby module. I finished the entire Ruby module last week and couldn’t wait to get into Ruby on Rails. When I was taking Ruby and Ruby on Rails course on Skillcrush a few years ago, I got stuck with their Sinatra feature. I just lost my concentration and overall I just lost it. I would really like to get back to trying Sinatra again, but at the same time, I can’t wait to start on Ruby on Rails.

But, before that, I wanted to finish the Javascript modules on Progate. I also started learning through apps as well, like SololearnMimo, and Grasshopper when I’m away from my laptop. I’m jumping back and forth with Ruby and Javascript so much and I also started jumping in a bit with new CSS Frameworks like Bulma. Still, I look forward to the future and finally getting myself in the habit of studies and more coding projects. That’s what the #21DayCKChallenge has been doing to me.

Attempting to Conquer Math

Last, but not least, I also started taking a math class: Discrete Mathematics, on Udemy. I thought about taking an advanced math class for the longest time, not just to give me some support in understanding basic programming concepts, but also to finally start conquering my fear and hatred for mathematics. Math was the least favorite subject since ever, and even though I’ve done decent, not perfect, but decent throughout my school years, I’ve never really got over my fear and hatred for math.

Why Discrete Math? I remembered reading my old college course catalog and the prerequisites to take this class was a passing grade in Calculus or Advanced Trigonometry or something like that. But with the courses available on Udemy, it only required basic arithmetic and that was it. So, I decided to try it out and see how far I can go.

So far, I’m doing really well. I think it’s because I was able to take notes and rewind and fast forward videos, plus the problem sets aren’t like from the old school textbooks where they give you some 20 problems for you to solve. That was one part that I did not miss about math classes back in school of all levels.

However, what confuses me with Discrete Math is that there’s a lot of symbols that I have to remember. But that’s natural with math, right? It’s also natural with programming too. But the more I started to take notes and do these short problem sets, everything is becoming a lot more clear to me.

I’m still not finished with the first unit of the course, but I’ll focus a lot more this time.

That’s all with my latest progress. I’ll write more later when I get the opportunity.