Just to give everyone a head’s up. I am still working on the current LBP at the moment. It’s just that real life had gone hectic, and of course, I’m doing what I can to delve deeper in understanding the ins and outs of Hugo. Keep in mind that no new piece of tool starts off being easy, and my task at this point is to understand these new tools and then present them to everyone a much easier to understand way. I will give a little hint: The next step of the LBP will be going back to Hugo again.

It has been a very debatable question that I kept on asking myself for the past 10 years since I first got my hands dirty on HTML back in college. That was like around… almost over 20 years ago? Oh Em Gee. I am that old but I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I got into HTML and then I got into digital arts. I got my college degree in Visual Communication that has a mix of both graphic design and web design. Unfortunately, after I received my degree, reality hit me right then. There were very little to no full-time permanent jobs available for my field, plus I felt that what I’ve learned from (online) college was somewhat lacking. I didn’t just want to build my website projects that look good and look really cool, but I also want to build website projects that work for everyone. In a way, I got my dose of being a digital designer in the beginning. Next, I got my dose in becoming a web designer during online college. Lastly, my desire now is to become a web developer. What kind of a web developer? Front-end? Back-end? 1

No, I want a marriage of both. I want to be a full-stack web developer. Sounds ambitious? Sure. I’ve always thought of myself as being ambitious. My only weakness with this one is that I am too ambitious. I want to do so many things that make me happy that also makes everyone happy. I want to build sites for people, sites that look good and works very well. I also want to create art, digital and traditional art. I want to write stories too. I love singing and music and traveling, as well as reading. Okay, ignore the latter statements.

I came across this hilarious comparison chart between a web designer and a web developer. After reading it through, I am currently on the left side of the chart who wants to be on the right side of the chart. Then again after thinking through the two comparisons, I’m more of like stuck in the middle.

Besides, going through blogs and sites that talk about this field, “web design” and “web development” have become broad terms. There are specific ones now, like these, for example:

Web Designer Web Developer
UI/UX Designer Front-End Developer
Visual Designer Back-End Developer
Interactive Designer Full-Stack Developer

But anyway, here is the chart I was referring to. I’m really stuck in the middle of this chart, really. And no, I don’t fear women. 😝

Web Designer vs. Web Developer
Are you a web designer or a web developer? Can’t you be both?

On the sidenote…

  1. Impostor syndrome signs…