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UPDATED: 7/30/2019

  • Local Environment tutorial converted to page.
  • AMPPS tutorial converted to page.
  • Intro to WordPress Local Development (renamed from the original DesktopServer and Local by Flywheel intro post)

I believe that by sharing what I’ve learned from classes and experiences, I also learn and understand more of what I learned, and at the same time, also discover things that I missed. I do hope that this would help and inspire you with some tips and tricks and be able to apply to your personal projects, be it a website, graphic design, an art piece, or anything related.

These tutorials are by no means in any particular order. They’re more of a collective of tutorials that I’ve recently learned from other sources and at times, notes from courses I’m currently taking or have taken. The introductions and basics to the fundamentals (ie. HTML, CSS, etc.) are available by searching for them around the net. You can find some of these self-learning resources at the Exits section of this site.

Because of my time constraints with real life, I will be adding some tutorials little by little, so please stay tuned when you can. Thank you very much! 1

Web Things for Procrastinators

  • Markdown (for web writers and hobbyists) [UPDATED 7/18/2019]
  • Emmet (HTML and CSS scripting for the antsy) [UPDATED 7/25/2019]

Basic Web Dev Tools

  • Local Environment (or “Build your sites (and apps) without uploading to the server first!”)
    • AMPPS (got Softaculous in your web host? You may want to try out AMPPS!)

Every day WordPress Stuff

Some Simple (and necessary?) Digital Art Stuff

  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Some Extra Notes...

  1. I pray to God that I do have enough time and inspiration to write these tutorials… 😓