I haven’t been blogging here for almost a year now, but I have been thinking about of moving on to a new change as I continue on with my neophyte coding journeys. I guess it’s also safe to say that I have gotten over the name of this code studies/progress blog and "grow up". Luckily, I was surprised that the domain extensions have added along with the new extension of .codes included there. I thought that this was a good opportunity to move forward, get a fresh start, and most of all, with a different and much more humble blog name: Adrianne Codes.

I’ve come up with different ideas on how I can make this an interesting blog worthy of like-minded code learners like me to be used as some sort of an inspiration. Unfortunately, even I couldn’t live up to these ideas, let alone the "ninja" name on the domain. Aside from making a fresh start, I also want to be a lot more realistic too. I was always fan of the kawaii-cute things that I wanted to add my love for the cute things everywhere in all of my life-related blogs/sites. On the other hand, I’m at that age where I really need to live life and accept my reality.

And so, welcome to my new code-learning progress tech blog, Adrianne Codes. The new theme is very simple, just like the majority of devs and techies who like to keep their blogs very simple, and I also realized how distracting the fancy-like images and graphics that splashed my previous themes. I ported everything from The NINPOJineous to this domain, so that I can easily decide what to do with my old (and outdated) content from here. The migration was really quick, since both these sites are hosted under the same host. However, I will have to spend some time to make some changes to match the Adrianne Codes purpose and not just a "renaming" of The NINPOJineous.

Updates on Code Studies

Here I am again, participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. However, this time, I will be refreshing again with a Udemy course called 50 Projects for 50 Days. It contains small projects that we can build and re-use for our future projects that involves HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’m alright with HTML5, but there’s so many new things that I still have to get used to, such as the Flexbox and CSS Grid and variables for CSS, and then basic Javascript and DOM. No frameworks like React, just good ol’ vanilla Javascript.

So far, I only made 2 projects. I only started with the challenge again 2 days ago after all. You can check them out on my CodePen.

I’m also going to attempt to get back to Python again. I started with the Udemy Course 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Bootcamp for 2021 by one of my favorite Udemy instructors, Dr. Angela Yu. I know I’ve taken a Python course before, but because the structure is based on the #100DaysOfCode challenge, I decided to enroll in this one too. I only got up to the 3rd day and still haven’t started with the 4th Day yet. And yet, there’s more to come.

I’m also interested in learning data science, data analysis, and QA/Software Testing as well, but we’ll see how that goes.

I do art as well!

The pandemic really shifted my aim from being a coder into being an artist. To be honest, I wanted to be an artist at first, but being from a (semi-)traditional Asian family, having a career in art back in those days won’t lead me to guaranteed success. But still, I love art.

I converted (somewhat) my fanfiction/stories blog into an art blog. It still has that same URL: Adri Mars INK. Please visit if you’re interested in my art progress.

And that’s it for my first entry for Adrianne Codes. I now look forward to blogging more regarding my new coding progress.

Till next time.