I mentioned before in my previous entry regarding The NINPOJineous’ future plans. I mentioned that because of my rather low budget that I won’t be able to renew my subscription to Themify. Much to my surprise, I was offered a 30% discount to renew my subscription for another year, and once again, I have been given a chance to save up as much as I can for a lifetime subscription sometime next year (maybe). I’ve done it with Elegant Themes two years ago, which means that I’ll be able to do it with Themify.

So yes, it is rather difficult to let go of Themify. One thing’s for sure, I feel very blessed that I was able to renew my membership after I was offered the discounted renewal price and now I can finally rest.

With that in mind, I began to explore the products and functionalities that the Themify themes are offering that I may have missed. I even looked at the overall structure of this site altogether and I’m still not quite pleased with it. I actually thought about switching this theme to ET‘s Extra theme, but then, after looking through the other themes and plugins and possible tips that Themify can offer, I may probably found an easier alternative to create the perfect layout without having major theme switches or anything else.

There have also been some framework and starter theme discoveries aside from the Divi Framework and the Themify Builder Framework. I’ve discovered the Cherry Framework and this new (?) one called the Runway Framework. I started working on some tests with these frameworks but I haven’t really gotten further with them just yet. I also like some concepts of the Runway Framework regarding their backups and packaging. I could probably build simple custom WordPress themes with the Runway Framework without even installing the framework itself on the theme. I’m not sure if that made any sense. But we shall see!

This would mean, I can provide simple custom WordPress themes to those who may be looking for a blog theme. However, I will not be posting them here on this site. I may probably have to open a subdomain of sorts to sell all my themes there. I will still continue to write and will also still continue to develop this site, of course. There will be more tutorials, for sure, but don’t count on the estimation of when these will be released because we all have busy lives.

So, there you go. Another thing, I can get back to Treehouse education again, as well as joining Lynda.com for free. All I have to do now is to pick up my new San Jose Library card at the nearest San Jose Public Library branch from my area. 😊