These past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of revamping from all the sites I’ve become completely inactive with. I decided to go with the sites that I found most important, in addition to my personal blog and to my fansite. I am referring to this site/blog, as this has become my official learning documentation portal for everything I’ve learned with coding/dev, as well as sharing what I learned and practiced by reposting them as tutorials. Call it a win-win for the experienced and the beginner. It’s like with martial arts training, 1 once you learn new things and become more experienced and expert, the only way for you to show that you learned, understood, and execute everything you’ve learned properly is to share what you learned to an eager beginner. The student becomes the teacher, and the teacher becomes the student.

For these past few days, I’ve done a number of things. I finally converted all my blog post-originated tutorials on Markdown and Emmet to pages, so they are a lot more organized and cleaner to look at. I know I don’t have that many tutorials because of time constraints, but for programming languages and anything related, there are a lot more in-depth tutorials and guides all around the internet that you can learn for free. When I’m not following along with online courses such as the ones at Udemy, I do go to other sites and follow along with their tutorials just for fun and experiment with them much later.

This blog is still aiming for hobbyists, especially with fansites and collectives, and all the other features that they could do to add some spice to their sites. There are still other things that I still need to write about here, such as responsive web design, frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, and shortcut pre-processors like Sass. But knowing how I work, I want to take things slow so I can really cover everything I’ve learned and all tested tried and true.

Layout-wise, I still haven’t done much. I did some more minimalist tweaking by shrinking my main menu this time. I noticed that I had a Home and a Journal link, which all are linked here at the main homepage. I remembered that I had a custom main page at that time, which was why those links were necessary to be linked to the right places. Now that the second version looked a little plainer than my previous blue ninja girl one, save the background images, I might as well clean up some more.

A few tutorials coming soon?

I also redid my Tutorials section. There used to be a long list of topics already laid out but some were only linked to actual tutorials being created. I filtered all of that and left the ones that I actually completed. But once again, I’m about to list some topics that I suggested personally that I need to cover on, but this is just a tentative list:

  • WordPress Multisites 2
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Introduction to CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, etc.

And that’s it for the time being. But, before I begin, I want to convert all my existing tutorials to pages. So far, I’ve got the local environment setup and SVGs left.

That’s it for this post. Till next time!

Some Extra Notes...

  1. I was in Taekwondo training for about four years back in my college years.
  2. After all the mishaps I’ve had with my site migrations and DNS mappings, I really need to put this one up as my personal guide in case I get stuck at this same situation again in the future.