I mentioned I returned to Skillcrush to enroll in their new Python course, but in the end, I decided to go back to basics by finishing Phase 1 of their Break into Tech (BIT) program. In every web design or web development program, this is always the first step.1 On my current level, this would be the most basic level, but personally, you can never go wrong with knowing the basics, no matter what field you’re in and what level within that field you’re currently at.

For Phase 1 of the BIT program, they consist of HTML/CSS and Git, Command Line, and GitHub. The difficult part of Phase 1 is the Git/GitHub section, as I don’t always code so much and don’t really push all my code into GitHub for my hobby side projects. 2 And because I don’t use GitHub more often, I often forget all the basic commands and how to set up repos, etc. Plus, it’s a bit embarrassing because GitHub tracks your repo transactions, and I barely have any green boxes on my transaction graph. 😖

One of my last projects for this phase one is now my “placeholder” on my upcoming portfolio domain, adrianne.dev. I think as I continue on with the further phases, this non-responsive HTML/CSS-only page will eventually be expanded.

This is a short post. Will write more on my progress later.

Some Extra Notes...

  1. Besides the computer/desktop setup and installation of some programs needed.
  2. Let’s just say, some of the contents in there are strictly private and I don’t really want to make my code of these side projects public. At that time, I had to pay a subscription at GitHub just to have private repos, but ever since Microsoft took over GitHub, maybe I’ll take some time to push all my code in there.