The lineup on Skillcrush has everything in order, but as a Break into Tech student, I can jump around without finishing modules in order. Still, it’s a good idea to finish them, so that you can earn your well-deserved certificate and a lineup of projects you made on your own for your portfolio. Once I finish the ones I really wanted to start, then I can finish the ones I skipped.

I started with their Python course a couple of weeks ago and so far, I’ve fallen in love all over again. I was struggling to learn Javascript and PHP for my personal desires of building my own WordPress themes and plugins and share (or sell) them to the masses, however, taking basic Python to having my first taste with their web frameworks such as Flask and other components like REST API 1 and actually building two projects. I also feel at ease also with using to do all my exercises instead of pretending to be hardcore by using all the tools that I need to install on my laptop. 2

I also have more J-Pop fandoms to get into starting this year besides MADKID, and I’d like to build Python-based projects based on these fandoms (namely web apps and probably some (useless?) random data analysis among the fandoms) for practice, also store them as repos on my GitHub, and add them to my portfolio. Also, has a beta feature that creates its own repos directly to your GitHub if you connect your GitHub to as well with a click of a button. Here are a few that I made from my Skillcrush Python course: Spanish & French Translator, Dog Image Gallery, Female Supervillain Trading Card App (REST API).

I’m currently taking an intro to data analysis and visualization using Python and have my first taste in data science and possibly machine learning, but for now, just basic data analysis and visualization. I’m having fun so far. I also restarted again with #100DaysOfCode on Twitter, namely because of my newly-revived enthusiasm towards Python once more.

I’m still aiming to learn Javascript and PHP for WordPress development, but now there’s a new thing for WordPress called Headless WordPress development using Gatsby and REST API as well. I already had my taste of building and using REST APIs, so I’d like to take advantage of this as well.

Will write more updates as I continue on.

Some Extra Notes...

  1. A must to learn, even for WordPress development too!
  2. I will, eventually, once I get a lot more comfortable with Python programming and just programming in general.