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  1. Jean
    September 12, 2016 @ 6:02 am

    Hello! I finally had the time to drop by at your blog! I can’t wait to see more of your future book review post. I guess I need this book because I really have a hard time creating my own rate. I just can’t evaluate myself. I’m really glad I came across to your blog! <3 Plus the book cover looks really colorful!


    • Adrianne
      September 12, 2016 @ 2:47 pm

      Hi Jean, most of the stuff in the handbook only apply to U.S. laws, but there are a few sections on international copyright laws and how to deal with them. Still, aside from the legal stuff, the pricing (in USDs though) and other types of guidelines are quite invaluable. 🙂

      The GAG handbooks are also famous for their book covers too. If you go to Amazon and search for them, they sell all the older versions w/ equally colorful covers too. 🙂


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