Let’s just face it. Life happens. There’s nothing we can do about it. My original plan the first time I joined the #100DaysofCode challenge was to master Python and then start learning Javascript. I somewhat succeeded with the basics of Python, although I’m afraid I may have to learn the basics all over again. Javascript, however, threw me off, so to speak.

And then, this overwhelming moment that we call life just took over much of our time that we just fall off from the challenge. I don’t even remember where I left off. I think I was at Day 50-something. That was like around January 2018… or was it December? Can’t remember now.

But, after much recollection of myself, 1 let’s just say I got my mojo back, somewhat. I remembered signing up an account at this low-key but very comprehensive and simple online coding education platform, Progate, which now expanded to offering courses in Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, the command line, Git, and more coming. With such a kawaii-cute design with super-cute characters aiding you on your journey, this slide-based platform really broke down the basics. I’ve taken other Javascript courses before and I end up faltering because the videos can sometimes go way too fast.

About Progate

Progate is kind of like Treehouse, but using beautifully illustrated slides instead of videos. The platform was founded and created in Japan with the aiming of providing an alternative to self-learners when it comes to coding, development, and programming through a much easier, thorough approach. They break down the code, provide instructions and the functions that each piece of code does, and, like Treehouse, it also has its own code editor that you can practice your code with. Plus, I have a weakness for kawaii cute characters, and Progate’s mascot, Ken the Ninja, is just the cutest thing you’ll ever see. He’s kind of like Github’s Octocat. Both excel in the intellect way of cuteness. 😄

The platform is still growing. They already have a Courses section where you have the chance to build some projects based on the what you’ve learned. Some are even mixed to build one product or app. I look forward to tackling them too.

About #Javascript30

Wes Bos is one of the top developers who provide free and premium courses in Javascript. I actually found out about him through Zac Gordon’s Javascript for WP master course. 2 and that I’m excited to build my very first Javascript project. If I do finish this challenge, maybe I can start taking some of the Udemy Javascript courses I purchased from months ago and then build more projects.

In that way, my GitHub doesn’t look so dusty and abandoned, plus I can finally play around with my CodePen too. I can finally rebuild my portfolio with a lot more skills on my belt and to show it off to the world.

Why Javascript?

My dream career is being a full-stack web developer, but I know with my current level, that’s close to impossible. So, I’m going to take baby steps one by one and start off with finding a (remote) job as a front-end web developer. However, when one is considered a front-end web dev, he/she must have all three skills: HTML(5), CSS(3), and Javascript. Back in the old days, web designers only needed to be well-versed with HTML5 and CSS with some Javascript, but the ballgame drastically changed over the years. Time to get serious.

And also, I love WordPress. The CMS software may be built using PHP, but nowadays Javascript has been playing a huge impact on the way we build content-rich sites. I can build themes while implementing with some Javascript for simple to (probably) complex functionalities distinctive with that theme. I still have yet to build my very first full WordPress theme from scratch and completely custom-made by one person. One day, that’ll be me.

Plus, one of my dream companies, Automattic, is looking for Javascript Engineers. I hope to be one of them one day. 😄

I’m going to end this short entry here because I’m about to head to bed.

Till next time!

On the sidenote…

  1. and I got inspired by a J-Pop boy group that I started to follow and admire since the beginning of April… more about them on The ADRICULOUS Life
  2. I’ve enrolled in Javascript for WP but I first thought I should seriously go thorough with the basics first before the course starts to get into WordPress involvement.