I admit. I can be somewhat impulsive when it comes to owning more than one blog. While I’ve got some progress throughout these past 2 months since my last entry, the majority of that period was spent time in a long period of grief. During this period of grief, I was not motivated in anything, not even with my code studies, not even with keeping in touch with my coding community. I also lost so much motivation to work that I’ve taken so many days off, just to be alone and grieve along with my family. I’ve completely lost touch with everything code-related, from my primary focus on Javascript to basic Ruby and pretty much everything else. Not just that, I’ve completely lost touch with all of my hobbies. I tried doing coloring books, sketch journals and even listening to music, but still, I lost my motivation to just do anything.

Forty days after, the motivation slowly returned. I don’t know where I should pick up, so the safest place I decided to begin where I left off again was with Progate. I finally finished the entire Javascript module so far and I’m reading to move on.

#100DaysOfCode Updates

I know I already began my second round, but I decided to start all over. I’ve forgotten where I left off anyway, so starting fresh and new can also be satisfying all at once. I immediately went to Progate because I know their slides would help me get back on track anyway. I finished Javascript ES5 and their Dojo (challenges) project attached to ES5. I also starting finishing the rest of the ES6 module as well. After working on both JS versions, I immediately went straight to their React course. I eventually finished the entire React module in a day and a half that I even earned a certification for it.

React seems fun. I know there was more to what I just learned at Progate, so I turned directly towards Udemy and began to search for React courses that would help me become a more effective frontend dev. 1

In addition, I recently discovered some project ideas that I could do to expand my GitHub portfolio/resume, so much that I decided to have a head start in studying about JS frameworks. React is already one thing. Node.js is another.

New Ongoing Project?

Before, I thought about just building a simple tribute site to my dad. But because Dad was involved with so many local causes communities, I discovered that some of his passions are also my passions as well. As a result, I decided to open another blog dedicated to Asian Pop culture, or rather just Asian cultures in general, Asian-American life experience, etc., all from my point of view. I’ve already brainstormed a lot of topics, but all of them would have to require a lot of research and backup sources, even if all of the posts in there are personal opinions.

Everybody doesn’t like writing research papers back in the school days, but somehow, during the workforce days, I started to enjoy reading a lot of non-fiction, news articles, etc. and then form some kind of an article or a blog post about the said topics.

It’s not quite complete yet, I still have yet to add some sections, but if you’re interested, here it is.

I’ll continue to document more of my coding processes here. In fact, I’ve got a couple of topics that I want to write about, based on my (hobby-related, somewhat job-related, but hobby-related) experiences. Watch out for it.

Some Extra Notes...

  1. I’m still aiming full-stack but I seem to be better at frontend than backend. Either way would help me secure a lucrative, challenging, rewarding, and fun job in tech.