Happy New Year to all the fellow forever learners out there!

2018 is a brand-new year, which also means, brand-new plans and goals for everything. This, of course, includes plans for this site. I’m ready for a few of them, so please, do stay tuned!


  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Full tutorial on developing WordPress sites locally using Local by Flywheel.
  • Tutorial on WordPress child themes.
  • Tutorial on WordPress starter themes.
  • Tutorial on WordPress custom themes.
  • Basic Tutorials on WordPress theme frameworks (ie. Divi, Themify Builder, etc.).
  • Other unmentioned tutorials still have yet to plan.

Art & Crafts

  • Featured art and work in progress craft items (ie. greeting cards, stationery, etc.)
  • Digital art with Illustrator (and possible other vector graphics program like Inkscape)
  • Copic Markers stuff


  • Technical/art-related non-fiction books
  • Online courses (ie. Udemy courses, etc.)
  • Other reviews still yet to be planned

And of course, I’ll be working on having a new look for The NINPOJineous, even though I really, really like the current theme that I’ve been using for the last two years, but you know, it’s time to start fresh, right?

I know that it’s a short entry, but this is somewhat of a reminder checklist for me so that I won’t forget. Currently, I went back to studying Python again. Only this time, I’m going to learn one of the Python frameworks that would make Python code work in web development. As a start, I will be learning Django. Maybe much later, I’ll start learning Flask. Both Django or Flask are needed to use Python in web development, such as building a CMS or other scripts helpful in building functional websites. It’s like how Rails is needed to upload Ruby-based scripts, like a photoblog or another CMS. Both Python and Ruby aren’t like Javascript and PHP, which are both specifically created for the web. Python and Ruby are both general purpose languages that need a special web framework for them to work on the web. I can’t wait!

I may also start writing about what I’ve learned in Python and possibly open a few tutorials with that language. I also plan on getting back to Ruby as well, but not sure if I’m motivated enough to do it.

Well, here’s to 2018. May this year be a lot better than 2017. Cheers.