Welcome to the new home of The NINPOJIneous with its new URL.

I used the Duplicator plugin to make the easy migration from the old location to the new one, and it felt like a complete breeze. I did plan on opening a WordPress site migration tutorial using the plugin, however, I wasn’t able to take any screenshots. On the other hand, I think the instructions shown on the plugin should be self-explanatory. I also used the Duplicator plugin to move my site from my local environment to the server, which makes it a lot convenient.

Permalink changes

I also changed the permalinks format to just the post name. It used to have the entire date on that URL, which is in a way a bad habit for me because I’m so used to writing general blogs and chronicling them in dates via URL. I think that type of format seems inappropriate for a tutorials site that it would be a lot easier to remember, as well as conforming to SEO, if I just removed the date from the URL and leave it with the name of the post. I wrote all of my tutorials in standard blog format, thus you see the dates that it was created. It didn’t look really attractive to my eyes, which was why I decided to change the permalinks into something much SEO-friendly and easier to remember.

A few other changes are planned upon the migration, plus I’ve got other commentaries and entries that I plan on writing here, so stay tuned for those.