First up, a happy new year to everyone! Darker days may be waiting for us, 1 but it’s 2017. Let’s all live and shine brightly regardless of the upcoming obstacles that will eventually come our way.

I took a hiatus from my web development journey, and pretty much, the internet altogether for personal reasons. Well, in addition to that, I got hooked into (in my opinion anyway) one of 2016’s best console video games ever released: Final Fantasy XV. I haven’t played any FF game for the longest time 2 and my love for this game since its first release back in my childhood 3 had been rekindled. I already finished the game but I haven’t finished the numerous quests that the game still offers, and I’ll be back traveling through the highways of Lucis again on the 24th when the second DLC 4 is released.

Well, this blog isn’t just a tutorials site or a web developer-in-training journal blog. It’s also a geeky blog where I can geek out as much as I want. I hope everyone here shares my sentiment. 😅

I’m writing this entry because there will be some huge changes with The NINPOJineous. I have been debating about this for awhile now in regards to the URL address and whether if it’s wise for me to keep this site as a subdomain of my portfolio or it would have a bit more of a brand if I give it its own domain name. After months of self-debating, I finally decided to give its own domain name. Watch out for it.

And then, here are a few things in store for the year 2017. I’m saying for the year because I wouldn’t know when these things may (or may not) happen:

  • New domain:
  • A mini-store for WordPress, Tumblr, and (possibly) Blogger themes. Other themes (probably Jekyll and Hugo) may be available.
  • More (reference) book reviews.
  • More tutorials (of course)
  • If possible, more LBPs
  • New theme for The NINPOJineous? Probably not. I quite like this blue-ish theme myself and never really gotten tired of it.

And that would be it for now. More to come, so stay tuned!

On the sidenote…

  1. will not expand to this…
  2. Since the PC/Steam version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which was back in 2015
  3. late ’80s, maybe 1988 or 1989?
  4. downloadable content