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  1. Mikari
    October 11, 2017 @ 6:25 am

    Math is my worse subject too XD

    I miss wifi so much ;_; I still don’t have it at home and my cell signal is failing. I’m definitely not an outdoors person but I hope you can explore more in the future if you enjoy it.


    • Adrianne
      October 17, 2017 @ 8:06 pm

      I miss you more Miks. Darn this storm. But soon, for the most part, you’ll recover.

      I do love the outdoors. I don’t really see myself living in the wilderness myself, but I do see myself escaping there instead of the beach haha!


      • Mikari
        October 18, 2017 @ 6:08 am

        I hope things get better soon too.


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