I haven’t written here since May! Oh em gee! 😅

But, I had to write something here since I feel that this poor web dev learning blog is collecting dust. Not to mention that the theme that I’m currently using for some 2-3 years now is still the same. I’m going through an overhaul of the site as Day #54 and have made a list of all the things that came to my mind that I really think needs updating.

Maaaaajor UPDATING.

But, here’s a quick list of what I plan to do for the future of The NINPOJineous:

  • Build a new theme for version 2 of The NINPOJineous. It will most likely be another child theme since I’m still learning the core PHP basics and trying to figure out if PHP 5 or PHP 7 should be used more often for WordPress.
  • If not creating a new child theme, probably re-arrange the main page layout.
  • Separate my zen art from the entire blog and just strictly make this as a web dev learning blog. The tutorials will still stay.
  • Probably transform this blog into a multisite so I can build subsites that are dedicated to my other hobbies, such as my landscape photography gallery and my zen art gallery.
  • Do more software/web/mobile app development reviews, as well as books and other frameworks related to web/mobile app development.

But the first item on the list will be the priority. Sometimes, the theme itself affects the motivation to even blog here in the first place. In the Twitter community of #100DaysOfCode, plenty of (aspiring) developers have been blogging their progress in their blogs. I barely have time to even update myself on the challenge on my Twitter alone because I’ve been pre-occupied of being a fangirl of a particular J-Pop boy group. However, I figured out a way for me to combine the two together— by building another WordPress-powered site so I have a home to share my current passion.

I couldn’t really write about the technical aspects of AXCEL STYLE on that site itself because I’m pretty sure no one among the visitors would even understand what I’m talking about there, so I’ll write about the site itself here much later. 😅

I’m also thinking about doing a rehaul of my super-old Let’s Volt IN! collective too. Since I used the same parent theme for AXCEL STYLE, it really is the time to make some changes to that site too.

So, even though it seems that I’m slacking off on #100DaysOfCode because I haven’t been updating on Twitter, I’ve got plenty of chances for me to spend the rest of the remaining (less than a) hundred days for this first round. When I do reach Day 100, I restart and go for Round 2.

I’m about to start PHP Study II module at Progate, diving into OOP (object oriented programming). Can’t wait!