I was actually pondering about this one. I really like the name The NINPOJineous because it has somewhat of a creative ring to it. It was really meant to blog about my code learning journeys and provide simple tutorials for anyone who would like to get into coding, web design, or web development as a side hobby. It was always that purpose and it’ll always be that same purpose. I will keep on going this same approach for that purpose, not just to share and teach beginners in the awesome world of web dev, but to also use this site as a personal notebook for everything that I’ve learned.

There is also one not-so-nice habit that I have when it came to starting up websites and similar side projects. I like collecting made up strange domain names that may be easy for everyone else to remember. However, that’s not always the case. Let’s take The NINPOJineous, for example. Who in the world would come up with such a strange “word” as “ninpojineous”? I mean, ninja + genius, right? Well, I did. But, after owning this domain and site for some 2-3 years now, I started to think deeper about the site name itself.

Of all the contemplating in between, here are a few reasons I’ve come up with the name The NINPOJineous:

  • The term ninja suddenly became common along with rockstar by the evolving tech industry in the last decade to mean a computer programmer, web developer, or simply a coder in general who has some technical know-how with the ins and outs of being a programmer or a developer. You know, a “cooler” term for an expert.
  • The terms ninja and rockstar are interchangeable with each other. However, I felt like rockstar programmers are the ones who want to become known among the (tech community) masses on social media and the industry as a whole, while ninjas are more of hidden introverts who like to present their works without being personally “blown up” in public. Open source contributors are a good example of what a ninja programmer is.
  • I hit a certain period in which I knew I’ve learned quite a lot from all the courses I’ve taken, however, I couldn’t figure out how I can put everything I’ve learned to practice when I don’t have a set goal (project type) on what to use it for. One example would be learning the CSS preprocessor Sass. I really love Sass, but it seems that I just can’t get used to doing other settings while I use Sass on my local environment that I eventually end up using regular CSS instead out of frustration. 😖
  • Last, but not least, whenever I see the site/blog name, my inner imposter syndrome level has been increasing very fast. I admitted on the About section that I’m nowhere near that made-up title, however, sometimes site names can truly reflect the person behind the one blogging and the one maintaining this site. In short, I don’t feel that I have the right to use this site title to name a beginner-intermediate level dev.

There are other factors added to this, but the ones above are the main ones. After doing a lot more pondering on what I could do for this site, I’ve come up with a few approaches:

  • Keep the blog/site title but be hosted on a different domain as a subdomain or a multisite.
  • Change the blog/site title but keep all the contents, then move it to the new domain.
  • Leave this blog as is and just deal with it.

Just a few minutes from writing this blog, I purchased a new domain that I feel like it would fit me personally while remaining “humble” and on the same level. I’ll be using this domain to replace the current “Coming Soon” one that I purchased some years ago 1. The new domain that I purchased is adrianne.dev.

I always combined my whole name “Adrianne Marie” into one word, however, it’s not like I use “Marie” all the time both professionally and personally. I was surprised that both adrianne.dev and adrianne.io are both available, even though I always thought that Adrianne 2 is a common female name that any Adrianne existing out there can use. Both .dev and .io are so tempting, but the difference is the price and other things.

So, I went for the .dev extension. It’s a lot more appropriate for me personally. Going back to the second bulleted list, these are the approaches I’m currently pondering about:

  • The NINPOJineous (ninpojineous.adrianne.dev)
  • The NINPOJineous @ Adrianne.dev (adrianne.dev/blog)
  • … or maybe just get rid of this name and change the name to Adrianne’s DEV Blog or something more generic.

What do you all think? I haven’t really made set decisions just yet. It’s just, for now, I want to build my portfolio/resume site on the adrianne.dev domain. That’s it for the time being.

More updates about this next time!

Some Extra Notes...

  1. adrimarie.me
  2. regardless of the spelling