It’s been a long while since I blogged here, but there are many things 1 that are simply beyond our control and that we need to make a few sacrifices or two in order to keep our lives in order. This would be one of the rare (for the time being) times that I would be writing an entry.

I’ve mentioned before awhile ago that my subscription to Themify is expiring soon, and because of budget constraints, I decided not to renew my subscription. It’s just way too expensive for me to keep up for now and that I also want to have all my WordPress-powered sites go in a different direction. I have more than enough tools that I can use to create wonderful themes to use for my current (and future) sites as appropriate. The only things I need to tackle right now is time and inspiration.

I’ve also drafted a list of some things that I plan to write tutorials on. One of them is even a suggestion by a visitor, which I should have added in my original list awhile ago. A few of the things that I do plan on creating tutorials on 2 are as follows:

  • WordPress Site Migration – What happens if you need to change hosts and you have a WordPress website? There are a few easy ways to do this without bugging your current host’s tech support to backup all of your files before you move to another host. Personally, I prefer you to backup all your files yourself before you make the big leap. This section also includes how you can migrate your site from your local environment to your live server too.
  • Creating your own CSS Framework – I started reading more into CSS Flexbox and understanding more about CSS grids. It is possible that you can create your own CSS framework to suit your site building needs and you can share your own framework the world if you wanted to. I eventually do plan on creating my own framework, but I love Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize so much for me to break away from them. 😅
  • OMAKE TUTORIAL: AMPPS – This would be a sub-tutorial for the latest that I put up, Local Environment. Because I am a current user of AMPPS, I will be giving a few tips on how you can start building sites in your local environment with the solution stack, AMPPS. If you plan on using other solution stacks such as XAMPP/Bitnami, MAMP, or WAMP, it should be a little similar.

That’s about it for now. I don’t expect to have these (and the rest of the pending tutorials) to be completed by the end of the year or so, but they will be there in the near future. Right now, my current priority for The NINPOJineous is to create a brand-new theme for it. I’ll begin to work on this real soon, so stay tuned for any news and updates. 😃

On the sidenote…

  1. real life
  2. still on the hobbyist level. Not quite required but always helpful.