(Ruby, I’m sorry. It’s been awhile!)

I apologize for falling behind with chronicling the last two days of Ruby classes. There are reasons why:

On Day 09, we learned about creating our own methods, defining our new methods, and more refactoring stuff using these new methods. On Day 10, we learned about loops and the tech job interview infamous test known as the FizzBuzz script. Today, we learned about Ruby’s object-oriented powers, class methods and class variables. In fact, we were given a chance to build a simple blog script using Ruby.

And no, you won’t see it online because I am on a server that doesn’t support Ruby. I’m not talking about Ruby on Rails, just Ruby. Here’s the simple blog script that I came up with. Don’t expect it to look like WordPress, please:

This script only works on computers with Ruby installed. In other words, it only works on the Terminal. The result of the script above is the screenshot that you’re seeing at the top of this entry.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Ruby basics for about a week because starting this Thursday, we will be learning 1 about Git and GitHub. I already have a GitHub account, so I’m not sure how this class is going to work and how I’m going to submit all my challenges. Um, yeah, this is going to be a bit problematic in a way. 😅

On the sidenote…

  1. more like reviewing for me