(My first script, yo!)

I had a 9:00 a.m. office hours appointment with one of the instructors at Skillcrush (Max) regarding any questions and such regarding the lessons we’ve gone through the previous week. New students, students who have been in the blueprint for quite awhile, and those who want to offer some help can attend. We do all of our remote office hour meetings via Google Hangouts. Last year when I took the Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint, the classmates, other students, and I used to chill at the Mightybell Communities, but since then, a few things changed. They switched from Mightybell to Google Groups now. I guess it’s a lot more private and a lot easier access that way, you know?

I asked Max and Von (another student slightly more advanced than me) if the version of the Ruby currently installed in my computer needed to be upgraded to the latest version. Today, Ruby’s current version is 2.3, and I have 2.1-something installed in my computer. As mentioned before, I already installed Ruby on Rails in my machine sometime last year because I needed them to download Jekyll while I was taking classes at Udemy. I was advised that as long as my Ruby version is 2.-something and that the Rails version is 4.-something, then everything should be good to go. The other students had a lot more complicated questions because they were already ahead of me (they enrolled probably last month or two moths ago). Meanwhile, I was checking out Ruby Monk and doing some supplemental exercises there so I can get used to the Ruby basics that I just learned from the first week.

Moving on, for today’s lesson, we learned about integer operators (like any other programming language), and to test them out, we finally get to write our very first script in Ruby. Using all the cheat sheets and the notes that we were provided, this is what I came up.

The result is, of course, the screenshot above this entry.

I’m very tempted to continue on with the lessons, but I need to take a break and slow down a bit. I’m really enjoying my time at Ruby Monk and I’m also checking back on Codeacademy too for more supplemental learning. Or either that, blog some more about the artsy stuff. 😊

P.S. – The Mystery of ❤

ruby_heartYou notice how there are some sites, we see notes with things like Made with ❤ by (insert credit here)? Just like the Gist above, where it says hosted with ❤ by GitHub? Well, the ❤, for the most part, usually indicates that the site is being powered by Ruby (on Rails). In fact, on this screenshot from Brackets, the symbols represent that the file is a ruby script just happens to be ❤ 😅.

Ah yes. Ruby indeed is ❤.