(Today, I learned about the terminal.)1

Actually, this is more of a review than something new. I already learned about messing with the command line/terminal when I got my first exposure into Git and GitHub. In fact, the terminal is more of a reminiscent of that old MS-DOS screen that we old fogies used to mess with back in the days 2 and it was the very first thing that we see before we can even get into the software that we want to use during that time, whether if it was productivity software or playing video games. Ah, nostalgia.

You’ve already seen me post up screenshots on what I can do with the command line on the CBLW LBP because of Hugo. I will keep on going with the LBP, but as you know, because I have taken this huge leap to take on Skillcrush’s Ruby on Rails Blueprint program, which will end a week before my birthday. 3 Yes, it’s that long. Skillcrush is aiming for us Ruby on Rails noobs to learn other Ruby-based frameworks like Sinatra 4 and RSpec 5, as well as Active Record 6and Postgres, 7 before we jump into Rails.

Earlier today at work, I was actually thinking about opening up another tutorial here on The NINPOJineous about Ruby basics, as well as Ruby on Rails basics, and I was going to do it in a magical girl shoujo manga-style format. In Skillcrush, the instructors actually thought of Ruby (the programming language) as The magical girl of computer programming, and after how they portrayed Ruby as that type of magical girl, I could sort of see why.  8 Then again, I would probably be working in my dream job, spending time building stuff I wanted to build, that I probably won’t have any more time to write tutorials in this crazy idea, so never mind.

A thought came to my mind just now. Would I even go straight to learning PHP after I’ve learned Ruby on Rails? Probably, mainly because of WordPress. But then again, a friend of mine even gave me an idea that I could probably build a blogging/CMS platform using Ruby on Rails that could give WordPress a run for their money. It’s a tempting thought, but I’m not gonna delve into that thought just yet.

And that’s it for Day 02! I’ll be working longer hours these next three days, but it’s a good thing that these scheduled lessons are short. 9 I don’t know what it is, but somehow, just my exposure to Ruby suddenly has made me become happy.

So happy.

On the sidenote…

  1. If you’re wondering why I’m having the entry titles in Japanese, in a way, I can refresh and brush up my Japanese at the same time. Plus, I’m learning Ruby, the first (and only) programming language ever created (with love and happiness) in Japan. Might as well get in the mood for it.
  2. 1980s-1990s
  3. October. That’s all you need to know. 
  4. Kinda obvious, named after the legendary Frank Sinatra.
  5. This looks like a testing platform for Ruby apps… I don’t know…
  6. bangs head
  7. It’s a database system just like MySQL and NoSQL… 
  8. Skillcrush is one of the very few online bootcamps geared towards girls and women, so yeah.
  9. Some are only 30 minutes, some are 45 minutes, a few a little over an hour, but nothing longer than that, unless if you’re slow at watching, reading, and typing, then yeah.