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Disclaimers and Terms of Use


I take no credit to any of the subject material I have covered for my tutorials and my commentaries. On each section, I link all my sources more than one time to ensure the user that I am referencing everything to the original material. The way I write my tutorials is that I cover the core functionalities more than the background information. You can check out the original sources for more information of each function as linked in the tutorials or any sources section when applicable.

I also take no credit on some of the images used with the exception of the screenshots of my text editor and a few other things. Sources for those images are mentioned, such as the Card Captor Sakura images for the CBLW LBP series, and the generic royalty-free images used on some commentary entries are provided by Pixabay.

Today’s web standards are introduced, approved, declared, and enforced by the W3C. I don’t own or enforce these web standards mentioned in my commentary entries, I’m just simply following and introducing them and how they work, why they’re beneficial and so on.

For those who may be concerned regarding the sources I’m currently using, please contact me regarding the issue, but before you do, please read the Fair Use doctrine first. Thank you.

Terms of Use

Other than what is mentioned in the Disclaimers section above, all content is copyrighted by me. You may use my tutorials as a reference, provided that you give credit to me and a link to this site. Before you decide to ask permission if you will be copying/pasting all my content to your site, please don’t. You may reference it in your work, but don’t replicate everything I’ve written to yours. Plagiarism is very alive and still illegal, and it’s not towards books or essays either.

I rather have you link my site to yours and direct your users to mine. Besides, for most of the sample codes I posted, you will have to link them from my Gist account anyway.

Also, don’t forget to link the material to the original sources too. Thank you very much.