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Section updated on 1/30/22

This is the conversion of my old The NINPOJineous blog: Welcome to Adrianne Codes! I wouldn’t exactly call this a revamp of my old code studies blog, but at the same time, I haven’t blogged here about code studies, tech, and others related for almost a year (since late April 2020). In addition, it’s a new decade, so why not make it a time to do some positive changes?

I changed the blog/site name to Adrianne Codes to make it a lot more relatable to who I am today as a coder. I couldn’t live up to the whole ninja bit and I did mention that I’m not really a ninja, so therefore, I decided to convert, revamp, and start anew and write all my progresses as myself: an adult Asian-American woman really wanting to code, both for fun and hopefully, for a living. But that will be another story to share.

Adrianne Codes will still have the same purpose and (hopefully) the same types of content, such as “tutorials” (that’s what I call them anyway) and more. I thought about converting this into a coding/dev portfolio too, but I already have serving that purpose. On the other hand, this blog is really what it’s all about: Me (Adrianne) coding… and maybe more related to coding.

About me

I’m just an adult lady still trying to find her way through life and to try to incorporate that path with the things I love. I may have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications, but at the same time, I’m also aiming a lot higher for success. I opened this journal to chronicle my own process in getting there, while at the same time, share all my interests and what I’ve learned to those interested.

I also own/maintain/write other blogs and sites with some certain niches too:

The machines I use

  • Dell Inspiron One 15 7000 (7548)
  • MacBook Pro 13 (2014)
  • iPad 7th Generation (2019 – digital art only)
  • Duex Plus (portable second monitor for laptops)

Don’t forget to read the Disclaimers and Terms of Use and the aFAQs. Thank you! 🎵