Just in case some of you are unfamiliar with this web animated series, meet Ruby Rose, the main character of the popular 3D anime-inspired web animated series, RWBY. In case you’re wondering what this entry is about, no, it’s not about the series nor it’s about Ruby Rose. I’m only using her picture simply because of her first name, and of course, the title of the series: Ruby. 1

I have been planning for my next move at Skillcrush after I graduated and earned my WordPress Developer Blueprint certificate last year. The reason why I waited for over a year was so I could earn enough money to pay for the next blueprint challenge that I would like to add to my arsenal: Ruby on Rails. Now you know the reason why I am using Ruby Rose’s image for this entry.

I tried the Ruby (on Rails) courses on Udemy 2, Code School 3, even Sitepoint. 4 I’ve always reminded myself to commit in finishing those courses, and yet something else takes my attention away from them. For instance, personal/fan projects, doing some art to release my stress, and everything else creative, but not web development/programming-related. It’s a horrible habit, and even though I’ve promised myself to really work on improving my portfolio, create something worthy to be uploaded on my GitHub, and redo my resume and prepare myself for entering the high-demanding job market. 5

Class starts on Monday (7/11), but I just went through the orientation session earlier and downloaded a couple of documents to read before the first week begins. This is a 3-month blueprint course, therefore I won’t be finishing this class until near October. Yes, it will be that long, and there is a good reason why it would be that long. What does this mean for my other projects?

  • CBLW will be slowly worked on. I don’t know what the official launch time is just yet. Let’s all just learn how to be patient.
  • I will be writing about my Ruby on Rails blueprint class here as my way of reflecting I’ve just learned from that day. 6
  • Write and showcase the projects I’ll be building using Ruby on Rails.
  • Some other stuff related and unrelated.

This is a short entry, and that it’s past midnight here, so I’ll end the entry here. See you again next time!

On the sidenote…

  1. “RWBY” is pronounced “ruby.”
  2. luckily some of them are free, some of them were on sale for only $10…
  3. because I’m trying to take the other classes prior to Ruby on Rails, just so I can earn some badges
  4. I have a lifetime subscription that I purchased on sale at DealFuel, which is really awesome! Their classes are a little scattered, but I am doing as much as I can to read their Ruby on Rails eBook though. I’ve always been a fan of Sitepoint books for over a decade now.
  5. Automattic is my goal, even if it’s just customer support. I’m good with it.
  6. who knows, maybe you can learn something from what Ruby and Ruby on Rails may look like in the real world.